Connemara man in Galway City

 My name is Michael O'Malley,I'm from Connemara but live in the City now. I'm a native Irish speaker and while I might have left Connemara...Connemara has never left me!

I love working with slate,rock,beach pebbles and other types of stone. Placenames, dates,symbols etc: .

The pieces I work on are usually small to medium sizes. You can instruct me on any design of your choosing or let me design your piece if you choose to commision  a piece from me. I also welcome any input you might have regarding my work.





Top of the Morning!

Leprachaun on Slate. Might bring a bit of luck....tonqueout

Skull & Rose

Skull and Rose carved in Slate.

Heart shaped Slates.

Ideal gift for a loved one heart.


Ancient Egptian Queen, carved on slate.


Coasters made from slate with gaming symbols.

Squared in Gold & Green on Slate

Eye Of Horus. (Egyptian Symbol) On Slate.

Galway Hooker in Sunset on Galway Bay. On Slate

Celtic Symbol on Slate

Celtic image on Slate,Golden thumbprints.

Celtic image on Slate

Celtic symbol on Slate

Golden Rose on Slate

Circles of Gold & Green on Slate

Gold & Red on Slate